Women's Health

Pelvic floor problems are common, but shouldn't be considered "NORMAL".

The experts in everyday habits at Physiocise now provide an integrated whole-body approach focussed on WOMEN'S HEALTH.

We have all the latest assessment tools and in-house facilities with a view to long term mind-body rehabilitation that is specific to the pelvic floor. We talk about the things that are often avoided but are so important…leakage, pain and prolapse.

Physiocise Women's Health

Why Women's Health?

Three generations of women
  • 84% of incontinence can be treated with physiotherapy, and it is 16 times cheaper than surgery(Neumann et al 2005. Australian and New Zealand Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology)
  • Evidence shows people with back pain have a significant decrease in pelvic floor function (Arab et al June 2010)
  • Evidence shows many people don’t “get” a pelvic floor contraction right with verbal cues alone.
  • Because 78% of women with low back pain reported urinary incontinence.(Eliasson et al 2008) 
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What does a pelvic floor assessment do for you?

  • Check your pelvic floor is working!
  • Get personalised cues for better core activation
  • Neural reprogramming
  • Treat prolapse
  • Prevent prolapse – the younger the better as it is possible to predict the likelihood of prolapse and then prevent it
  • Treat pain
  • Teach strengthening
  • AND GET ADVICE ON EVERYDAY HABITS (for women and men!)

Who is more at risk?

Existing Clients - Book A Class
  • Any woman with weakness or damage to the pelvic floor muscles
  • Any woman who has given birth (naturally or caesarean), especially a complex birth with forceps, etc
  • Anyone with a history of chronic respiratory conditions or chronic constipation
  • Anyone with a history of regular heavy lifting
  • Elite or high-level athletes, especially high impact sports like athletics, running, gymnastics etc
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What do we do?

  • We treat a range of conditions related to injury, posture, dysfunction, surgery, pregnancy or menopause.
  • We check that you are getting the right activation of your core when you try to use your pelvic floor.
  • We assess the painful pelvic floor.
  • We assess leakage or prolapse affecting your daily activities.
  • We assess the pelvic floor contraction, relaxation and strength.
  • We assess for prolapse and identify where the internal organs are sitting both at rest and under strain.
  • We predict the likelihood of developing prolapse and advise on suitable exercises.
  • We fit pessaries to treat prolapse.
  • We do post-natal checks to see when it is safe to start exercising again, and advise on types of suitable exercise.
  • We discuss menstrual cycle pain and endometriosis.
  • We give strategies to use in our Physiocise Strong Bones classes or other strength based exercise.
Senior woman lifting weight

What now?

Maria King, Jemma McGeachie and Dimity Thompson

Make an appointment for a specialised individual assessment.

At Physiocise, Jemma McGeachie, Dimity Thompson and Maria King are our highly experienced women’s health practitioners.

We now have a specialised space to offer pelvic floor assessments at our Willoughby studio.

Some cases will involve an internal vaginal assessment. This will be discussed with you by your assessing physio.

Pessary fitting is an option for conservative prolapse treatment and there may also be a personal device used for biofeedback prescribed.

This great service is available for existing clients or for new ones.

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