Strong Bones Program

We know that medication has been shown to reduce the risk of fractures by 35%.
(McCloskey et al. J Bone Miner Res 2012)
But did you know that EXERCISE can be even more effective and can reduce some fracture risk by 50%?
(Kemmier et al Osteoporosis Int 2013)

Who should come?

Our STRONG BONES program is designed for people with osteoporosis and its precursor osteopenia, where bones become fragile and more vulnerable to fracture. It is also suitable for those who would like to improve their muscle strength, balance and prevent falls, and those concerned about their bone density.

Osteoporosis and osteopenia affect over 6.5 million people in Australia. Our bones are living dynamic tissue and there is increasing evidence that lifestyle factors, combined with the right exercise, play an important role in staying strong and improving our bone density.

In a supportive environment, our aim is to improve your understanding of factors associated with low bone density and help you to develop an exercise program that, a little bit like medicine, builds up slowly to reach that all important therapeutic dose. Our job is to look after those dodgy necks, backs, knees and make sure your pelvic floor is able to do the job it’s designed to do!

Physiocise was one of the first exercise physiotherapy practices to be recognised by Health Funds and the program is recognised throughout Australia as a leader in the field of exercise rehabilitation for chronic, recurrent pain.

Physiocise Strong Bones - Osteopenia and Osteoporosis Classes

What is covered in our classes?

Senior woman lifting weight
  • Postural advice: simple postural cues to make sure you are weight-bearing effectively through your bones and avoid that classic bent osteoporotic spine!
  • Education: improve your understanding of the factors associated with low bone density and how simple lifestyle changes, such as exposure to sunlight and diet, can increase our vitamin D and calcium intake, essential to building stronger bone.
  • Exercise: recent research suggests that a multi-modal approach to exercise is the most effective way of building strong bones. This includes progressive strengthening exercises using weights, impact work and balances exercises to build bone, stay strong and prevent falls. Our small group classes allow you to slowly build your exercises and develop a home program to complement the exercise you do in class.
  • Huff and puff exercise: This is the exercise you do outside Physiocise to stay fit. Whilst some forms of exercise like cycling and swimming are great for improving our general fitness they have no impact on our bone health. Learn the most effective osteogenic forms of exercise and how you can make simple changes to get the most out of your huff and puff exercise.

What’s next?

Existing Clients - Book A Class

Call our office and make an appointment to see one of our Physiocise STRONG BONES physios. As well as reviewing factors associated with low bone density we will assess your posture, patterns of movement and core, and make recommendations so you can safely and effectively build stronger bones, as well as stay strong and balanced!

If you are an existing Physiocise client, that one appointment may be enough to get you started in our STRONG BONES classes. Pick up a brochure from either of our studios.

Existing Clients - Book A Class

For new clients, we will need to make absolutely sure that you are safe; that all your previous and current history is taken into account; and that we are able to make any modifications you need.

Physiocise has a long strong history of looking at the whole puzzle when treating any condition, and our strong bones program is no different.

Some people will need a few individual appointments before they start, and others will need to do a term of our foundations program to make the underlying changes to their posture and movement patterns that allow them to “load up” safely and effectively for their bone health. Your assessing physio will discuss the best option for you at your initial assessment.

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