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What can we offer you

Back, neck and body pain is frustrating and can affect your confidence in all aspects of life.

We are experts in integrating the latest mind/body research, incorporating it into holistic, practical programs. We help you to feel in control of your body, especially as you age.

Our Expert Team will give you the confidence you need for living your life - with strategies to ease pain, manage chronic conditions and prevent recurrence.

We can help you
  • Understand your pain or condition
  • Develop mental and physical building blocks for a long-term fix
  • Strengthen core, leg, arm and postural muscles
  • Improve postural and movement habits
  • Decrease recurrence of pain
  • Enable you to increase your exercise levels with less injury 
  • Develop a sustainable home exercise program
  • Minimise the risk of falls

Physiocise classes

Solutions for all

Solutions for all
Our classes are effective no matter your age or stage.
We can:
  • Empower you to maintain and improve your strength
  • Manage and decrease your pain
  • Keep you doing the things you love

How Do I Start Physiocise?


In 1995, Physiotherapist Anna-Louise Bouvier started the first classes at the Cammeray Golf Club. The Pilates phenomenon had not started and Physiocise became one of the first medically supervised, exercise classes. Melissa Partington, our MD started working with her almost immediately. 

Together they built a business that has taught over 66,000 classes over the last 20 years at our two clinics in Sydney. In 1998, Anna-Louise wrote the book Backs, Brains and Breathing which, is now in its 15th Edition, to support clients journey. This has been followed by Fix Your Back (ABC Books) The Feel Good Body (Harper Collins ) and the Happy Body DVD series (ABC Commercial).

The Better Back and Physiocise Class videos are also part of our holistic approach to supporting your journey.

Physiocise was one of the first exercise physiotherapy practices to be recognised by Health Funds and the program is recognised throughout Australia as a leader in the field of exercise rehabilitation for chronic, recurrent pain . 

Happy Body DVD Series, Backs Brains and Breathing Book and THe Feel Good Body Book

Validated Research

To stay at the forefront evidence based practice we agreed to an independent 12 month program evaluation study by the University of Sydney and The George's Institute. The study compared the outcomes of 118 Physiocise patients with chronic low back pain to the reported outcomes for such patients in existing literature. The results were published in 2013 in the prestigious European Spine Journal Of Pain. The results show Physiocise Classes not only decrease pain and increase the ability of people with chronic back pain to function in daily life in the short term, but that this effect improves even more over time. 

Prognosis of chronic low back pain in patients presenting to a private community-based group exercise program

"In the current study a substantial improvement within the first 6 months in pain and disability is followed by a further improvement in disability over 12 months. These are a markedly good results for a population with longstanding disease."

Eur Spine J  2013 DOI 10.1007/s00586-013-2846-x

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