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Read more to explore the latest research on ageing, exercise and mental health, and to get an update on dealing with the Coronavirus. Our first PRIME TIME event sold out quickly, so BOOK NOW for our next event on 23 April at Willoughby and 7 May at Moore Park.

Dealing with the Coronavirus

Physiocise is investing to keep you safe and moving well

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Secrets to staying younger & stronger for longer!

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Falls Prevention

Presenting to Australian Doctors

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Client of the Term

Dancing through the night

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Stay Sharp

New research into Alzheimer's prevention

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Warm into Winter

Holiday timetable for the Easter break. Please call the office to see where spots are still available.

And BOOK NOW for Term 2 class to save your spot.

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Dealing with the Coronavirus

Our Physiocise community have been doing a fantastic job heeding the advice of the day.

Everyone has been so conscious of washing hands before class, before using equipment, and after class. Our team are busy wiping down with alcohol wipes and disinfecting between each class. We are using tissues to cough or sneeze in to, and then hand sanitising again when we do. We try not to touch our face at all in class. We don’t come to class if we are feeling unwell. And now we ask everyone to bring a clean towel to class.

For the last week, Melissa has been preparing another resource to help keep you safe while allowing you to continue to be part of the Physiocise community and to look after our bodies and minds that need it even more in these stressful times.

We are still finalising the best equipment to use, but within days we hope to have a “virtual class” capability.

Should there be any need for you to self-isolate, it is important to stay moving & strong while indoors. Once this new software is up and running, we can invite you via email to an online streaming of class. You will just click on a link in an email (from your phone or laptop) check the video is on, and then do your class from home! It will be a brand new way to make up classes!

Watch this space for more details, but in the meantime get prepared:

  • Make sure you can get email on your phone or a laptop or tablet with a camera
  • Start organising some Theraband for home, and mats and blocks if you need them
  • Think about the best space at home for you to do a class in

We all hope this passes sooner rather than later, but in the meantime, we will be doing the very best we can to keep you & our staff safe, happy and well!


How to make the most of your middle years! Keep the best body and mind that you can to enjoy the years ahead.

Explore the latest research on ageing, exercise and mental health.
Learn practical strategies you can apply immediately.
Take control of your mind and body as you age.

Prime Time: Secrets to feeling younger, when you’re older
Anna-Louise Bouvier (Physiocise Founder and Wellness Expert)

Floor Matters - how strong is your bladder?
Dimity Thompson (Women’s Health Physiotherapist)

Foods that Fight Dementia – foods and more for better brain performance
Alison Gallagher (Nutritionist, Naturopath and Bowen Therapist)

Cultivating Curiosity: an anti-ageing superpower
Lisa Forrest (Mindfulness Expert)

Our 25 March event at Willougby was SOLD OUT in a matter of days!
BOOK NOW to avoid disappointment.
As the situation around the coronavirus unfolds, we plan to have an online version available for anyone who may need to self-isolate at the time of the event.

Physiocise Willoughby Studio
Thursday 23 April
Nibbles provided

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Physiocise Moore Park Studio
Thursday 7 May
6pm - 8pm
Nibbles & drinks provided

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Falls Prevention

Sunday 8 March saw us partnering with Australia Doctor Education and The Stadium Clinic to present a full-day workshop on Falls & Fracture Prevention to GP’s.

Along with other leading medical professionals, our amazing Slip Saver & Strong Bones physiotherapists presented to over 35 doctors for the day. We showcased research updates and practical measures to prevent falls and fractures. On the way, we had a lot of fun putting the doctors through a Slip Saver assessment and a Strong Bones class.

If you are worried about your balance or want to keep your bones strong, be sure to book in with one of our expert team.

Client of the Term

Meet Nicholas Goushleff. He first came to Physiocise in 2013.

“The last 7 years have seen me move from a literal ‘shadow of my former self’, to a more fearless, fit, happier healthier me.”

Following an injury in 2006 Nicholas had 7 years of deconditioning.
“I felt like a mess of core instability, chronic pain & injury, fear and non-adherence. My physio at the time referred me to Physiocise on a number of occasions, a referral which I finally heeded.”

After Nicholas started at Physiocise, his initial goal was simply the reduction of pain.
“My goal grew over time to include recovery of mobility, a better tolerance and understanding of “good” pain and management of fear, underpinning the hope of building familiarity and strength in a body that I'd long lost both capability and confidence in.”

Seven years later he continues with our Advanced floppy classes.
“They are a good reminder for adherence, but also a means of finding new ways to maintain my core activation and maintenance in and out of the classroom setting. They push my 'boundaries' - often built out of fear, continually helping me realise there are yet things I CAN do (which I may have believed impossible), fuelling my drive to continue challenging myself.”

“The class setting lends a sense of community, whilst also building confidence in ability and comfort in knowing that you are not alone in your struggles. This has and continues to be a key to success for me: validation and support.”

What can you do now compared to pre-2013?
“Literally, EVERYTHING. Not quite... of course I am ambitious! There are yet activities I've not yet ventured back into from my pre-injury days, but the last 7 years have seen me move from a literal “shadow of my former self”, to a more fearless, fit, happier healthier me.

Over the past 6 years, I have taken up not only swimming (an activity that I've become passionate about) but I have also marched three years in a row now in the Sydney Mardi Gras Parade. This was a feat I'd resigned myself ‘never to achieve’ some 6 years ago when I realised that to join the group I had in mind, I would need to be able to do more than simply walk up Oxford street!

Physiocise has literally allowed me to grow and express myself not only in the safety of our classroom 'family', but more broadly, in the greater community of which I am so proudly a part - a feat quite literally exemplified by our float theme this year of "Inspiring Hope" as I marched with the Midas Golden Glamz, a family the likes of which I’d only dreamed of being a part before joining Physiocise.”

‘Marching in the parade has and continues to be such a true and substantial symbol of my return to health, and a real, tangible dividend of my efforts at Physiocise.’

Our goal at Physiocise is to enable clients to be able to get their body to do the things they want it to do – dance, hike, sit, bend, lift, travel, get strong – anything that takes your fancy. This is irrespective of gender, age, where we are from, or what invisible challenges we are going through. Everyone in the class has their own story and celebrating diversity and inclusion is a big part of that.

Thanks for sharing your amazing story Nicholas.

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Stay Sharp

Dementia affects 47million people worldwide. Lifestyle interventions continue to gain evidence to delay age-related cognitive impairment, however, it was not known if these would change the neural structure of the brain itself. Broadhouse et al (2020) Neuroimage: Clinical published this new research from the University of Sydney last month. The results state lifting weights 'protects the brain from long-term degeneration.'

‘For the first time, we show that hippocampal subareas particularly susceptible to volume loss in Alzheimer's disease (AD) are protected by resistance exercise for up to one year after training.’

The latest research from the University of Sydney has found that the areas of the brain affected by Alzheimer’s disease are protected for one year after strength training.

These are promising results - not only did participants feel the benefits of extra muscular strength, but it also proves you get a protecting effect to the brain’s areas most susceptible to degeneration in Alzheimer's – and this lasts 12months after strength training finished.

What do they recommend? ‘Given the strength of our findings, we recommend that resistance exercise be considered an integral part of lifestyle-based prevention programs in older persons’.

Read Full Article Here

Unsure where to start with weights? Don’t worry, our strong bones team can help you.

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Warm into Winter

Holiday timetable for the Easter break available now.

Please call the office to see where spots are available.

April Holiday Class Timetable

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Term 2 Class Timetable

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