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October kicked off a term of launches! Our brand new FOCUS workshops; SafeWork month - an initiative for the SCG Trust; and the launch of SLIP SAVER – our falls prevention classes for all ages. Read more for what’s in store for 2020!

Ageing bodies.. how do habits impact your neck pain?

Anna-Louise talking on the ABC Afternoon’s with James Valentine, she discusses the impacts of posture on neck joints.

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Launch of FOCUS Workshops

Targeted workshops to help you!

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Slip Saver

Falls prevention for any age

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October - SafeWork Month

SCG Trust and Physiocise join forces

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Christmas Cheer at EQ

Drinks with The Stadium Clinic

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Menopause matters

Bone health after menopause

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Stay Strong This Summer

January holiday classes and workshops

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New Year, New You!

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Merry Christmas

And thank you for being part of the amazing Physiocise community

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Ageing bodies.. how do habits impact your neck pain?

Anna-Louise talking on the ABC Afternoon’s with James Valentine, she discusses the impacts of posture on neck joints.

Listen now:

Anna-Louise Bouvier and James Valentine on Aging Necks Anna-Louise Bouvier and James Valentine on Aging Necks (19734 KB)

Interested in learning simple strategies to relieve your neck and strengthen your shoulders?

Check out Physiocise Neck and Shoulders FOCUS Workshop.

More about Focus Workshops

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Launch of FOCUS Workshops

This term we introduced our seven FOCUS workshops – one hour, one-off classes.

These are a great way to complement your existing class with a deep dive on one topic, or for new clients to explore some key learnings before they start classes or their bespoke program.

FOCUS topics include:

  • Core
  • Posture and Form
  • Change Pain
  • Breathing
  • Legs & Buttocks
  • Necks & Shoulders
  • Stretching

Don’t worry if you missed them this term – some of the workshops are available this coming holidays. Click below to see January holiday timetable of your respective studio.

FOCUS Workshops T1 2020 timetable


Slip Saver

Have you had a recent fall or worry about your balance? Want to keep your body strong so you can travel or exercise? Or maybe you have kids or grandkids you need to keep up with? The good news is that falls are preventable and you can act now to reduce your risk. After much demand - Slip Saver classes launched this term.

There is strong evidence that safe exercise which offers a high challenge to balance and is carried out for 3 hours per week can reduce falls rate by 39% (Sherrington et al 2017). Imagine the quality of life improvements and cost-saving on medical expenses when falls are prevented!

What do they include? Slip Saver classes focus on:

  • progressive strengthening exercises,
  • cognitive & physical challenges and
  • safe balance training.

Call now for you, or a family member, and book for a SLIP SAVER Risk Assessment. That way we can get you started for Term 1 2020.

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More about Slip Saver Program

October - SafeWork Month

The month of October was national SafeWork month – a time to refocus on improving employee health and safety in the workplace. The SCG Trust saw this opportunity to join forces with Physiocise. A fabulous keynote speech from Anna-Louise captured the imagination of the Trust team. We then kicked off a month of Physiocise sessions across all areas of the SCG Trust employees – the office team, security team and the grounds crew.

Weekly sessions from our physios helped deliver injury prevention strategies, as well as tips for keeping employees minds and bodies at peak performance!

Thanks to all the participants from the SCG Trust for their fun and enthusiasm! Want to hear more about SafeWork month?

Listen to Anna-Louise talking about warm-ups for tradies and injury prevention.

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Interested in booking an employee wellbeing session for your team?

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Christmas Cheer at EQ

The entertainment quarter has been a hive of activity lately. We caught up for some Christmas drinks with The Stadium Clinic‘s Dr Tom Cross.

Watch this space in March next year when Physiocise and The Stadium Clinic join forces to present an Australian Doctors Seminar on Osteoporosis and Falls Prevention. We look forward to putting a fantastic group of GPs through their paces in a taste of our STRONG BONES and SLIP SAVER assessments and programs.

Check out The Stadium Clinic

Menopause matters

Menopause is a time of change, but its doesn’t have to fill you with dread! Full of great information, our Menopause events this year have been a great success. Armed with new information, these events allow women to be proactive about symptoms, and seek the right advice from the right professionals to optimally support menopausal years and beyond.

During November, Nutritionist and menopause whisperer – Angela Emmerton from Nutrition Matters – hosted an evening at our Moore Park practice. Our own physio - Josie Wild - presented on how to keep bones strong throughout and after menopause. This is something our Strong Bones team and classes are passionate about. If you would like to learn more about bone health, book now for a STRONG BONES assessment. In January we are hosting an introduction to Strong Bones class for those who are yet to try a class.

We will be hosting more 'What’s Happening To Me?' menopause events in 2020.
Register your interest to be alerted to our next event!

Stay Strong This Summer

Call now to secure your spot as our summer classes book up quickly! As summer approaches – some of us tend to get a little sweaty during class… Please remember to bring a towel with you to use at the end of class lie down.


Women's Health Day

Maximise your core by seeing our Women's Heatlh Team on Thursday 16 January! Dimity will be running a day of individual assessments as part of “Women's Health Day” to help anyone unsure of their core, needing more feedback or pelvic floor cues.

Book an assessment with Dimity

Extra holiday classes added at Willoughby!!

Tuesday 21st Jan 10.30am Holiday Class and Friday 24th Jan 10.30am Strong Bones 2 Class

Come and join us if you need to make up Term 4 classes or just need to get moving again :)

Download January Holiday Timetable

Pelvic Floor Workshops

90min workshops at both locations this January. Learn how to look after your pelvic floor through bladder and bowel habits, as well as research-based exercise protocols for your strongest pelvic floor yet! Book Now. $55

10am Friday 17 January at Willoughby
10.30am Wednesday 22 January at Moore Park

Book a pelvic floor workshop

Teens Workshop

By popular demand, the Teens (12-16yrs) workshop will be back this January both at Willoughby and at Moore Park. This 90min workshop will discuss all things posture, strength and sporting performance. For the first time we will be welcoming nutritionist and naturopath Alison Gallagher - an experts in adolescent health - to provide her expertise on supporting teenagers through the challenging years of adolescence during the workshop. Don’t miss this great opportunity.
Book Now. $55

9.30am Tuesday 14 January at Willoughby
9.30am Wednesday 15 January at Moore Park

Book a teens workshop

Strong Bones Workshop

See what all the bone buzz is about. A workshop open to new clients, or for any of our wonderful existing clients who would like to try a STRONG BONES class.

10.30am Thursday 16 January at Moore Park

Book a strong bones workshop

Osteoarthritis Workshop

Want to make your joints stronger? This 90 min workshop delivers both a research update and a set of exercises to improve pain and get the most out of your knees, hips and hands - even with existing arthritis! $55

11.30am Tuesday 24 January at Willoughby

Book aN Osteoarthritis workshop

New Year, New You!

Stay strong into next year by booking your class for Term1. BOOK & PAY now to secure your spot.

Since November last year – we have been using the MindBody booking system for classes. Just a reminder that this system requires payment for class to secure your place for next term. SO to re-book your exisitng class for term 1, online payment is open for a limited time till Saturday 14 December.

Book online now to pay for your class

To change class or if you are skipping Term 1, please let our friendly Client Care & Support Team know. From week 10 – any spare places in classes are open for others to book in via reception (online payment is closed so full classes can’t be over booked).

Term 1 2020 Timetable

Merry Christmas

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