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Term 3 has seen us spring into Spring and develop a new stream of FOCUS workshops for clients to start their Physiocise journey. We’ve had great fun hosting two fantastic Women’s Health events. Finally, in breaking news, our SLIP SAVER falls prevention classes are starting next term!

New FOCUS workshops

Targeted classes to fit your life!

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Strength and balance for falls prevention

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What’s Happening to Me?

Hormones, hot flushes and sailing through!

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Women’s Health Expo

Jean Hailes women’s health week awareness

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October Holiday Classes and Workshops

Strong Joints and Womens Health workshops

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Stay strong, calm and balanced into the Christmas season

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New FOCUS workshops

You ask, we deliver! If you are busy, travel a lot or want a more targeted approach sometimes our 10-week Foundations classes don’t fit your life. We know after 25 years; our Foundation course is still an excellent start for people to build new habits and re-boot their core. However, we want to offer new and existing clients another option – one that fits your life, while still building your strongest body yet!

Term 4 will see the introduction of FOCUS WORKSHOPS. These will be a one-hour, one-off class with a focus on one topic. Adults learn best through repetition, and a class environment supports this habit change. So, in addition to doing individual consults, a one-off, supportive physio run class environment can really focus on your problem area(s)!

Topics will include:

  • Core
  • Posture and Patterns
  • Reframe Pain
  • Breathing
  • Strong Legs and Buttocks
  • Necks and Arms
  • Stretching

Who will do FOCUS workshops?

These focus workshops can be used to:

  • support clients doing individual consults
  • improve practice time on a target area
  • provide regular feedback from your physio and the mirror in class
  • assist clients already in classes who want to re-focus on a target problem area.


During your initial assessment or review consult the best plan will be devised by you and your physio. Want to know more?

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Did you know that at least 1 in 3 older adults living at home will experience 1 or more falls each year? (Sherrington and Tiedemann 2015).

The most common reasons people fall are reported as:

  • “slips and trips" as the major cause (53%),
  • poor balance (21%),
  • weak legs (6%)
  • 14% report that they were unsure as to the cause of their fall.

The good news is that falls are PREVENTABLE and you can ACT NOW to reduce your risk.

There is strong evidence that safe exercise which offers a high challenge to balance and is carried out for 3 hours per week can reduce falls rate by 39% (Sherrington et al 2017).

Physiocise Slip Saver classes at both Willoughby and Moore Park Studios will commence in Term 4. These classes will focus on:

  • progressive strengthening exercises,
  • cognitive & physical challenges and
  • safe balance training.

Who should come? If you:

  • have had a previous fall
  • have lost confidence in your balance
  • ever feel unsteady when walking
  • tend to hold onto the rail when going up and down stairs
  • need to sit down when putting on your trousers or a skirt
  • use your hands when standing up from a chair
  • find it difficult to step up onto a curb
  • foot pain
  • rush to the toilet (bladder urgency is a high contributor to night falls)

If one or more of these factors resonate with you, or a family member, we encourage you to book for a SLIP SAVER Risk Assessment and get started for Term 4.

More info on SLIP SAVER Class


What’s Happening to Me?

Another full capacity Women’s health event last month – this time at our EQ studio. Joining forces with 3 medical practices, our panel of 5 experts was a great interactive way to discuss all things menopause.

At Physiocise – we are passionate about educating and empowering you to live your best life. Joining with 3 passionate women’s health GP’s – Dr Salina Jamani (Paddington Family Practice & Clinic 66), Dr Sally Lyttleton (Paddington Medical Centre & The Jade Room) and Dr Kathleen Matthews (Bondi Road Doctors) the night was full of current research and advice. Enormous thanks go to these GPs as well as our own Dimity Thompson and Kay Fitton - who generously shared their expertise and left all of our clients inspired and full of new information. As they say, caring for your family starts with caring for you!

Missed this event and want to register your interest in another? More to come next year.

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Women’s Health Expo

Adding life to years! Last week we combined with Clinic 66 for a Women’s Health Expo at Dougherty Centre in Chatswood. An event designed to educate and empower women to be aware of and take control of some of the most common and troubling issues that they may face as they mature.

Combining 4 expert speakers along with Anna-Louise as MC, it was an entertaining and highly informative night.

We will have more events to come next year, so make sure you keep an eye on our facebook and newsletter for future dates.

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About Jean Hailes

October Holiday Classes and Workshops

This October school holidays we have regular holiday classes and more! Call now to secure your spot as they book up quickly.



Women's Health WORKSHOPS with Jemma

This 90 minute workshop will cover bladder and bowel habits to look after your pelvic floor. It will also feature exercise and workouts that are pelvic floor safe so that you can walk away with an exercise program that is right for you and for your pelvic floor!

Tuesday 1st Oct
9.30-11am at our Willoughby studio 
Cost: $55

Tuesday 8th Oct
11.30am-1pm at our Moore Park studio 
Cost: $55

Strong Joints workshop with melinda

How are your joints? Thawing out from winter? If you have OA in any joints, particularly hips, hands and knees then this 90 minute osteoarthritis workshop is for you!

Tuesday 8th Oct 
9.30-11am at our Moore Park studio            
Cost: $55

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Floppy/Flippy, Core Burn, Strong Bones and Slip Saver classes. Pick your mix to ensure a strong finish for the end of year!

Term 4 Timetable

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