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With spring in our step, our team visited Berry for a weekend. Star client Maria tells an inspiring story, and in other BIG news - 2018 will finish with a brand new studio at EQ, Moore Park!

Client of the Term - Maria Patrk

“It’s a miracle”. Breaking out of chronic pain after 17 years.

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CORE News Flash

CORE BURN – ‘secret women’s business’

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Berry Good Weekend Away

Lifting our weight in Berry

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EQ Studio On The Move

Location, Location, Location!

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Client of the Term - Maria Patrk

Maria’s journey is an inspiring one. “If I can get rid of chronic pain at 65 years old, there’s hope for anyone. Before coming to Physiocise, I was so sick, constantly in pain. My health declined, I was depressed,” says Maria. “I now sleep through the night and jump out of bed with no pain. It’s a miracle. I wake up and I could run!”

Limping into Physiocise in December 2013 Maria says “I’d hit rock bottom. I was in constant pain, I couldn’t walk after an injury to my knee and hip.” Fast forward 5 years – she does 3 classes a week and feels stronger and happier than ever!

“I was in constant pain. I couldn’t sleep from pain. I went to work in pain. I went home in pain. Then I’d go to bed and couldn’t sleep from pain. It was a constant vicious cycle. And it went for 17 years.”

After countless doctors, physio’s, injections, Pilates and medications – it was suggested she have hip surgery – Maria felt hopeless and was not keen on surgery.

Her doctor referred her to try Physiocise, so she made the initial appointment. “When I first started Foundations and then Floppy classes, I could barely do anything. It took quite a while before I started to feel better. For the first time in a long time, exercise wasn’t making my pain worse. It was actually starting to make me feel better. Physiocise was different to anything I had done before. It virtually started to turn my life around slowly but surely.”

“After a year of doing Floppy classes, I decided to do two classes a week, and that is when I saw a big improvement. I definitely started to feel less pain and was more motivated.”

“It’s a slow change. It takes a lot of perseverance and commitment. There were some mornings I was in pain and often didn’t want to come to class, but I did, and miraculously I’d walk out feeling better.”

“Now I’m doing THREE classes a week! It’s costing a lot to do three, but how much is your health worth? I am happy and not in pain. If I can get rid of chronic pain at 65yrs old, there is hope for anyone younger than me. If I can do it, they can too.”

“I’m a work in progress. If I get a flare-up I know it settles and the pain will stop. I know my limits and know what I can and cannot do. I also do the Headspace meditation app daily. The whole journey is life changing. Physiocise and meditation is now a way of life.”

“I’ve noticed Physiocise has changed a lot too. It’s constantly evolving over time. We do different things and new things in class compared to when I started 5 years ago, which I love. I am always learning something, and I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t continuing to help me.”

“Physiocise has turned my life around. Here I am today - I have no chronic pain. I take no medications. I sleep all night. I am happy and feeling better than ever.”

“I hope I can inspire people at my age, but also younger. If I can do it, anyone can!”

Maria's story goes to show that dedication and spending the time to give a chance for a program to work can really pay off. We hope to inspire you to give that time to your health with your health practitioner or on your own program.

CORE News Flash

The Mum’s Burn classes have taken off this year, but we weren’t sure the name was the right fit. After all, it is not just new mums who need help with CORE muscles.

So introducing CORE BURN – a new name, encompassing ALL ages. Not just for new mums, but our own ‘secret womens' business’ for women any age.

How is it different to other classes? Our Floppy and Flippy classes ensure your inner core works well when you bend, walk, sit, stand or even lie.

CORE BURN has a bigger focus on building outer core abdominals than other classes. There is a high pelvic floor anatomy component, abdominal education and cues for how to work them.

CORE BURN is run by our women’s health physios – ensuring a tough work out, but one that is pelvic floor safe. They can push you hard, but along the way, modify exercises for you if needed.

Want to know more?
Trial our CORE BURN in the holidays with a one-off introductory class.
Mon 8th Oct 6.30pm at Willoughby
Fri 12th Oct 11am at Moore Park
Open to new & existing clients. $36 per class 
Email or call now to book in. 

Berry Good Weekend Away

A house on a hill was an excellent place to keep all the Physiocise team fed, watered and strong for a weekend in August. It is not often we all get away, but this place was the perfect retreat.

With Strong Bones and Core Burn fresh in our minds, the physios were found lifting weights and strengthening neural pathways on the verandah. We spent a lot of time getting new ideas for class, but also fine-tuning STRONG BONES and renaming CORE BURN. With 16 fabulous physios we pride ourselves on our “collective brains trust” - ensuring we are always at the cutting edge of research…..and managing to have a lot of fun along the way!

What’s next? Watch out in classes for new pelvic floor cues and explanations.

EQ Studio On The Move

Bigger isn’t always better. Location on the other hand…

With the big plans at Alliance Stadium and the Entertainment Quarter now finally about to start, we are moving to an exciting new EQ location. Our new space is close to the car park; is at street level in the thick of the action; and importantly, has coffee directly across the way!

Physiocise Moore Park studio will move to our new location on Monday 5th November (with the usual caveat about any building delays!). Please be reassured it will not interrupt operations of classes during Term 4 - they will continue as normal. There’s a slightly altered timetable as the new space will have one studio space. Keep an eye out for more details to follow.

In the meantime, enjoy the springing feet, sensational hips and swivelling ribcages that you have found in Term 3  as we look forward to a very exciting end to 2018!

Click below for our new EQ timetable. All the Physiocise team will be practising beautiful bending and lifting techniques as we move – possibly not in heels - we won’t end up under the boxes like the lady in this picture!

EQ Timetable

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Stay strong for the lead up to silly season!

Term 4 2018 starts Monday 15 October. Classes are filling fast. Book and Pay now to secure your spot for Term 4!

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