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2018 has started strong. Read about how our client, Stuart trained his way out of pain. Learn what internet connection has to do with your pelvic floor. Finally, are you sick of nagging your teens to sit up straight?

What has internet speed got to do with muscles?

Is your pelvic floor weak, or is it just a slow connection?

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Client of the term – Stuart Otto

From crippled on the lounge room floor to 180kg Deadlifts!

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CORE News Flash – Pelvic Floor

Is your workout ruining your pelvic floor?

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TEENS Classes are back!

Sick of nagging your teenager to sit up straight? TEENS classes are up and running with Emma, Sarah D and Jemma.

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Stronger Bones for Probus

On March 1st, the fabulous Kay Fitton took some pearls of strong bones wisdom to Probus at Cherrybrook

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Holiday Program

From regular holiday classes to all our fabulous workshops - all ages are covered.

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What has internet speed got to do with muscles?

When someone says “my pelvic floor is weak” – how much is muscle fibre weakness versus slowed brain connection?

We all know about internet connection speed. Moreso, we notice when it's slow. It’s REALLY frustrating. Remember the old dial-up speed – you could make a cup of tea between pages loading! Compare that to broadband, fast to load and we get annoyed when it doesn’t. Then NBN was meant to be the fastest ever, but that’s another story!

If you’ve been around Physiocise for a while, the word REBOOT will mean something. It's our lingo for ‘connect your core’. We recently had myth buster Antony Lo from The Physio Detective in our staff training meeting.

He wrote a great blog a few years ago – When is a muscle really weak?

We see it every day in our practice.. just because a muscle feels like it is weak or someone has told you it is.. you walk out of class and feel totally different. But in the space of an hour can you actually strengthen a muscle? No. But it only takes minutes to improve the brain connection.

Anothny Lo from the Physio Detective and the Physiocise Teamn

Take your pelvic floor for instance. We don’t expect it to be working hard all day long. It’s like a hammock that should lift when it's needed, and relax when it's not. To ensure this happens automatically, its the REBOOT that helps best, rather than maximum contractions as a ‘workout.’ Connect your breathing to a gentle pelvic floor activation (think 10% – less is more) for a few breaths to remind your brain it is there to help. And off you go!

Like to learn more about activating or rebooting your pelvic floor?

Client of the term – Stuart Otto

How did Stu go from being unable to sit at his desk or drive, to 180kg deadlifts and 135kg Squats?

Stu presented to Physiocise in September 2016 and now says that we have ‘made his life’. Originally referred by Sports Physician, Sharron Flahive after reporting chronic back pain for the past 10 years. The pain was debilitating - unable to exercise, driving to work was a struggle and he found standing to watch the kids sport impossible. He had even commented to his wife – “I would pay someone $10,000 if they could fix this pain I have.

After just one session, Stu was able to stand pain-free. That night he stood watching football for 2 hours. No pain. This was an absolute revelation - how can years of standing pain go so quickly.

Its proof that relaxing muscle grip often settles pain more quickly than strengthening does.

Over the course of three weeks, Stu was diligent with multiple daily REBOOTs - sitting, standing or lying. He even documented them in an excel spreadsheet – and brought them back each consult to show much he had done. He noticed a trend - the days he did fewer REBOOTs, he felt more pain. He had an old coach who once said, “If you can measure it, you can improve it and if you do measure it, you’re more likely to.

Stu is proof of this. After two months Stu was squatting, bending and sitting close to pain-free most of the time. He said the two things that he knew made a massive difference to his back was.

“I now have tools I have faith in and trust that if I do the prescribed exercises, my symptoms will improve.”

“I understand now that flare-ups are normal. I no longer think ‘what I am doing isn’t working’…. I now see the flare-ups as a short-term set back on a path to being fixed.”

In Stu’s words “I am a happy boy”. 18 months later, Stu still attends weekly floppy classes, his wife is now even coming! And the other days of the week when he’s not working long hours on two businesses, you’ll find him chasing after his 2 gorgeous children or in the gym. Lifting.

I also said I’d let the 10k be paid on instalments ;)

Want to get stronger? Or learn how to train your way out of pain?

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CORE News Flash – Pelvic Floor

More than 1 in 3 women experience incontinence from a weak pelvic floor.

Here’s Jemma McGeachie – one of our Physio’s – who recently featured in the Body+Soul. “It is important that women understand weakness does not mean they can’t exercise. It's just finding the correct load, type and intensity to suit their body.” Jemma says. “There are endless ways to modify exercises so that women can still get a great workout.”

Initially, it is important that women know how to accurately activate their pelvic floor – get the brain connected (see our first article for more on this).

Once we can activate, we can then strengthen, challenge or provide additional support as required. There is where seeing a women’s health physio is invaluable to get you on the right track. Some clients have the weakness for structural reasons not just muscles, where another treatment is required.

I love how we can see clients of any age and provide a whole spectrum to support them – individual sessions, our regular classes and now the new Mum's Burn and Strong Bones classes. We really have all ages covered”.

Jemma McGeachie our physio featured in the Body & Soul article

Options are endless, and pelvic floor weakness can be helped with conservative treatment. Want to know more?

TEENS Classes are back!

WHY? Your child doesn’t move enough. Or they move too much in one sporting motion.

Research shows up to 70% of kids drop out of sport by 13 yrs (O’Sullivan 2013). We all know how much better we feel when we sit well and move more. Some kids play lots of sports and some specialise in one. Research shows highly repetitive sports can create havoc for pre-puberty and growing skeletons – eg running, swimming, bowling in cricket, dancing.

The right dose and type of sport can help or hinder their growing bodies. Encouraging TEENS to diversify sports and specialise later provides a greater chance of lifetime sports involvement, lifetime physical fitness and elite participation.

“Participating in multiple sports, at least until puberty, decreases the chances of injuries, stress, and burnout in young athletes” – Brenner 2016 Clinical Report American Academy of Paediatrics.

Our TEENS classes focus on reducing injury, improved performance and help diversify training loads. So if they play no sport or only one sport – we can help them sit better and move in more ways. Physiocise TEENS classes are great for:

  • age group 12-17years
  • improve posture
  • injury rehabilitation
  • neck or back pain
  • maximise sporting performance
  • whole body conditioning and movement patterns
  • diversify training
  • safe return to sport

Stronger Bones for Probus

On March 1st, the fabulous Kay Fitton took some pearls of Strong Bones wisdom to Probus at Cherrybrook

Kay was completely inspired by the dynamic group of 150 people she met as guest speaker at Probus Cherrybrook. Probus was inspired by the great news that exercise can improve bone health, and that strong muscles build bone.

As a group with active minds and bodies, key nuggets of knowledge are all they need to focus their efforts. We know strong bones give happy bodies. Kay supplied effective ways to minimise their risk of osteoporosis and maximise their strength and agility for life. This supports a strength of social connections they already have in spades!

Kay had them lifting, stomping and balancing their way to being fit, agile and bone strong!

Holiday Program

Get your feet fit for the next season, maximise your breathing or keep on track with our holiday classes. Try an introduction to Physiocise Strong Bones class and see what all the fuss is about. We have you covered with some great workshops, so you feel strong and stable.

Our women's health team have put together some fantastic workshops to make sure your pelvic floor has the best possible chance of being rebooted. Why not trial our new "Mum's Burn" class after the workshop? A dynamic and challenging whole body workout to supercharge your core and pelvic floor.

Perhaps you want to get stronger, but don't know where to start? Or feel what you are doing is just not giving you the results you were hoping for? In our practical introductory exercise session, learn the key principles of strength/resistance training while keeping your back and your body safe.

Now is the time to get the Teens on track for their winter sports or to cope with long hours at the desk. We have workshops running both at Willoughby and Moore Park. Day One is about Teens and Posture, Day Two is all about Performance and how to improve it. Book the kids in now.

Check out Holiday Program


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