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To kick-start summer we gave our FOUNDATION classes its own reboot. Christmas is fast approaching, so to help you start 2018 feeling strong and stable – book in now for our SUMMER program and new MUM’s BURN classes.

Making foundations more fabulous

Our latest and greatest update for back pain. Have you heard?

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If you’ve got back pain, you need to listen
Here at the 4 Universal Truths about back pain
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CORE News Flash – Mum’s Burn Classes

Pelvic floor safe exercise for toned abs, peachy bottoms & strong arms.

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Lara Lang - Client of the Term

Do back problems limit you from caring for your children?

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Sarah Mead, owner of Pram Power

‘Guilt free mum time’? Outdoor exercise group with your baby!

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2018 Summer Program

New year, new you. Book ahead to secure your spot.

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Making foundations more fabulous

Physiocise Foundations made fabulous

We all know - old habits die hard. Last school holidays our physios gave our foundations classes its own ReBoot!

With new simple, sticky messages on core muscles, tailored to a body type, bad habits don’t stand a chance. And the new lay out is faster paced – so they too can feel that beautiful leg and butt burn we all become accustomed.

After all, a collective brains trust of 18 physios is our most powerful asset, where you – our wonderful clients – benefit from our best product yet.

If you’ve got back pain, you need to listen

Anna-Louise speaking to James Valentine about the 4 Universal Truths About Back Pain

After a meeting with all our physio’s, using all the current back pain research, we have come up with these 4 universal Truths:

  1. You need a core
  2. The floppier you are, the more core you need. The stiffer you are, the more stretching you need.
  3. The stronger your legs, glutes and arms – the happier our body will be
  4. Brains affects Pain

A great interview with our very own Anna-Louise on ABC radio - speaking the 4 universal truths.

CORE News Flash – Mum’s Burn Classes

Everyone needs a core! However, its highly likely that post childbirth, you need more than ever. We know from research - the stronger your legs and arms, the happier your body will be. But if your pelvic floor, or other core muscles, aren’t well connected first, strengthening often leads to injury.

2018 will see the introduction of Mum’s Burn classes – similar to our Athlete Burn classes, but with a pelvic floor focus. We know women worry about how their body will cope with pregnancy, but for many, it’s the years after having a baby that are harder. And for some, its not until their kids are at school, or years later, that they have the time to exercise.

Combining our expert skills in everyday habits and our women’s health practitioners we can now continue to help you in a fun, supervised & safe class environment. A focused strengthening program to improve muscle mass, aerobic fitness and enhanced mental health. A recent study shows that 60min of exercise per week decreases postnatal depression by 50% (Norman et al, 2010).

We also have state of the art facilities to offer pelvic floor assessments at Physiocise. From consults to classes, we want to help women later go off to boot camp or training with powerful knowledge and the ability to minimise injury.

Mum's Burn

Lara Lang - Client of the Term

Lara Lang

Lara no longer had time for band-aid solutions.

Lara dealt with chronic low back pain most of her adult life. However, after she had two young boys, being inactive for any period of time was not an option. “I had to do something that was preventative rather than a band-aid solution.”

“Physiocise has been fantastic for me, it has been an education! I have learned how important correct alignment is for my back, I now understand where the pain has come from, plus how to manage pain if it happens. As a person who has always had back issues, it has given me knowledge and confidence, I feel physically and mentally stronger.”

After two and a half years, Lara continues to attend classes – “I still come as it is a good discipline, I love it and it ensures that I do my exercises in a safe environment.” Next year Lara is excited about our new Mum’s Burn classes. The exercises will be more intense, but she feels ready for a heavier, more tiring work out, but still safe for her back.

“I am hoping the exercises will strengthen and tone my body, but I guess that's up to me!”

Sarah Mead, owner of Pram Power

Prams Power

We first met Sarah as a client - she had stomach surgery and needed help with her rehab. Once starting, she was hooked. ‘I learnt so much from your classes (& loved the burn!) so I just kept coming.’

However, Sarah had a bigger mission – to help new Mum’s. That’s how Pram Power came about “After cancer surgery, I made a career change to become a personal trainer. At the time I was also pregnant with my son. I wanted to help new mums get moving & exercise outside, not just for fitness, but for their mental well-being. Having that social connection with other mums can be life-changing.

Sarah heard about Physiocise from her husband. “He was attending classes for chronic back pain whilst recovering from chronic fatigue syndrome. He is now completely pain-free thanks to Physiocise!”

“I love Physiocise - you learn how to move your body in the right ways to look after yourself, protect your back, and use the right muscles.” As a new mum again for the second time, Sarah incorporates some Physiocise knowledge and now shares it with her clients! “I am always reminding myself, and clients, the best way to hold their baby, bend to lift, plus push the pram.”

Pram Power mum’s don’t need to choose between looking after themselves or their baby/toddler. The mum and child workout also benefits the baby through engaging them with songs, rhymes and counting. “We call it guilt-free mum time!”

Pram's Power

Locations are based across Sydney - Redfern, Dulwich Hill, Glebe, Botany, Narrabeen, plus a new lower North Shore location soon to open!

2018 Summer Program

Get your feet fit for summer, maximise your breathing or use our Summer Burn classes to keep strong over January. Try an introduction to Pphysiocise Strong Bones class and see what all the fuss is about. We have you covered with some great workshops, so you can start your 2018 feeling strong and stable.

Our women's health team have put together some fantastic workshops to make sure your pelvic floor has the best possible chance of being rebooted for 2018. Why not trial our new "Mum's Burn" class after the workshop? A dynamic and challenging whole body workout to supercharge your core and pelvic floor.

Perhaps you want to get stronger, but don't know where to start? Or feel what you are doing is just not giving you the results you were hoping for? In our practical introductory exercise session with Melinda Luck, learn the key principles of strength/resistance training while keeping your back and your body safe.

And January is the time to get the Teens on track for the year ahead. We have workshops running both at Willoughby and Moore Park. Day One is about Teens and Posture, Day Two is all about Performance and how to improve it. Book the kids in now, and get ready for the new look Teens program running in 2018.

Physiocise Summer Program

Wishing you all Merry Christmas

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