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Our long standing clients, colleagues and our own incredible team have made it possible for our business to thrive and grow for 21 years. This has been a term of celebrations while we continue to help your body be the best it can be.

Clients of the term – 15 years still strong

Our platinum Physiociser's may have come with their bad back or dodgy knee but they are still here. WHY?

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Celebrate partnerships with Robyn Gant

Robyn is the director and head physiotherapist at joint health in the city. We have hundreds of mutual patients and much in common...

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Bottom Clenching on Holidays!

Maree and Richard Camilleri, and the travelling Bottom Clencher #physiocisetravels

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CORE News Flash

Why do we need to start talking about pelvic floors?

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Clients of the term – 15 years still strong

From a survey of our platinum clients, 80% originally started due to pain. Many no longer have pain but they come for a weekly body check, to keep up their strength and to keep at the forefront of dynamic ageing. And of course, they love the music, friends and coffee!

Why do they still come?

Some quotes from our clients...


I wouldn't risk not coming. It is one of the few regular commitments I make to my body to maintain strength


Expert advice from the friendliest educators.


Physiocise keeps my brain and body working!


Physiocise helps me maintain my "best" level of fitness/wellbeing so I can deal with a chronic illness.


I love the friendly, caring atmosphere. Physiocise is like a family.


It has helped me recover and get my confidence back after a difficult pregnancy

Celebrate partnerships with Robyn Gant

I have been referring my clients to the trusted team at Physiocise for longer than I can remember. A few months before my planned Inca Trail trek in Peru in 2010, I injured my lower back after lifting a friend’s toddler and I was worried I wouldn’t be up to the task. It was time to take my own advice. Some intensive physiotherapy from my fabulous team at Joint Health and two terms of Physiocise got me there. I thoroughly enjoyed my 4-day marathon amongst breathtaking scenery without any problems.

Why is core retraining so important for your feet?

Having happy functioning feet is crucial to our independence and ability to survive, socialise and travel. Since developing my special interest in the complex area of the foot and ankle early in my physiotherapy career years ago, I have always continued to treat the whole body. The foot is our foundation, which supports the load of the body and gravity moving over it across a range of terrains and challenges to our balance. I often have to work a long way from the feet to resolve a chronic foot or ankle problem by correcting imbalances in the knees, pelvis, hips, trunk or neck. One of my clients called me “ the foot whisperer” and I liked that concept of gently guiding them back to a more harmonious way of functioning.

What about the "foot core"?

Many will know the importance of the your deep core muscles for the trunk & pelvis, but what your feet? While everything else is going south after our 40’s, so are the arches of our feet. You may have noticed that you have mysteriously gone up 1-2 shoes sizes and wonder how your feet can be growing. They are not growing, they are spreading as the arches lose their support! The small muscles that help to stabilise the three arches of the feet don’t function well when they are squashed into ill-fitting or overly protective footwear that we thought were doing us good. It would be like wearing a corset and wondering why your middle was still spreading when you took it off. The foot is an important sensor and provides valuable feedback to the brain about its contact with the ground to help us maintain balance and control. To do this the foot needs to be able to move freely. Many people lose the ability to move and spread their toes rendering their feet “mute”, which makes balancing more challenging. Like everything you have learned at Physiocise, it takes a while to connect your brain with the right muscles, and imagination, patience and practice is the key. I have spent many hours in the bath mastering my foot core exercises!

The foot core system: a new paradigm for understanding intrinsic foot muscle function. McKeon PO, Hertel J, Bramble D et al. Br J Sports Med Published Online First: March 21, 2014 doi:10.1136/bjsports-2013-092690


Bottom Clenching on Holidays!

Traveling Bottom Clencher

As part of our 21st Birthday celebration, Melissa produced a fabulous 21st Birthday Bottom Clencher! One of Anna-Louise's most "famous" inventions!

Our birthday celebrations included lolly bags and Bottom Clenchers, one of which ended up in Canada and Alaska with Maree and Richard Camilleri! We know many of our clients are passionate about travelling, and Physiocise classes keep our bodies strong enough to make this possible.

We love to hear your stories and see photos of travels. So either post one on social media with the hashtag #physiocisetravels or email them to us. We can feature them in our newsletter, plus build a travel suggestions page.

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CORE News Flash

As experts in everyday habits, we now provide an integrated whole-body approach when it comes to pelvic floor activation. Many pelvic floor issues go unspoken for way too long, and in severe cases are linked with depression and withdrawal from normal family and daily functioning. If intercepted earlier, not only is there an improvement in the bladder, bowel and sexual function, but also quality of life.

Evidence shows people with back pain have a significant decrease in pelvic floor function (Arab et al, 2010). It’s becoming more normal to talk about pelvic floor weakness, problems or pain. So next time a conversation comes up about pelvic floor weakness with any friends, daughters, grandmothers, colleagues – suggest to them to get help. Throughout Sydney there are great women’s health services, and the right help can be life-changing.

Who is most at risk?

Pelvic floor
  • any woman with weakness (leakage, urgency) or damage (prolapse) to the pelvic floor muscles
  • any woman who has given birth (naturally and c-section), especially a complex birth with forceps etc.
  • anyone with history of chronic respiratory conditions or chronic constipation
  • anyone with a history of regular heavy lifting
  • elite or high level athletes, especially high impact – running, gymnastics etc.
Physiocise Women's Health Practitioners - Maria King, Jemma McGeachie and Dimity Thompson

Our physios (left to right) Maria King, Jemma McGeachie, and Dimity Thompson are highly experienced women’s health practitioners and now have brand new facilities to offer pelvic floor assessments at Physiocise.

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