Teens Classes


Changing habits can be hard but the younger you learn, the easier it sticks! In teenage years our brains are more adaptable. Our bodies learn more easily. Do you want your teenager to have optimal movement habits and posture to minimise injury long term? Or maybe you just want to prevent them getting the same problems your body has!

We know from research - highly repetitive sports can create havoc for growing skeletons – eg running, swimming, bowling. To minimise overuse injuries, it's of greatest importance teens diversify their training to target weak links.

POSTURE: Teens classes help to build core strength to maintain a good posture; either for studying or postures required for sporting goals.

PERFORMANCE: Good posture is the building block for higher performing bodies. Classes also focus on targeted core endurance with upper and lower body strengthening, flexibility and stability. So they can maximise their sporting performance and minimise injuries.

Our TEENS classes are great for:

  • age group 12-17
  • pain
  • sporting performance
  • whole body conditioning
  • safe return to sport
  • injury rehabilitation
  • improve posture

Our PRE-TEENS classes are great for 7-11year olds.


Call for a specialised individual assessment from one our TEENS specialist Physiotherapists. The program involves weekly classes for 5 weeks (first and/or second half of every school term). Classes are available at Moore Park and Willoughby, Monday-Friday. Start times range from 4 to 5pm.

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