Slip Saver Program

Did you know that at least 1 in 3 older adults living at home will experience 1 or more falls each year?(Sherrington and Tiedemann 2015).
People report “slips and trips" as the major cause (53%),with other causes being poor balance (21%), weak legs (6%). 14% report that they were unsure the cause of their fall.
The good news is that falls are PREVENTABLE and you can ACT NOW to reduce your risk.

Who should come?

If you have had or feel any of the following:

  • a previous fall
  • reduced confidence in your balance
  • feel unsteady when walking
  • tend to hold onto the rail when going up and down stairs
  • need to sit down when putting on your trousers or a skirt
  • use your hands when standing up from a chair
  • find it difficult to step up onto a curb
  • experience foot pain
  • rush to the toilet - urgency is one of the highest contributors to falls at night
Physiocise Strong Bones - Strength and balance classes for falls prevention

What's included in our classes?

Senior woman balancing on ropes 

There is strong evidence that safe exercise which offers a high challenge to balance and is carried out for 3 hours per week can reduce falls rate by 39% (Sherrington and Tiedemann 2015).

Physiocise Slip Saver classes focus on the most recent evidence which suggests multi-component exercises such as:

  • Progressive strengthening exercises:
    the stronger our muscles, the less likely we are to fall. No one falls slowly, so if we are stronger we can often catch ourselves better – preventing a fall.
  • Safe and challenging balance activities:
    slips and trips often make us fearful of falling, and then we move less. To improve our balance, we need it to be challenged, but doing so while feeling safe, increases our confidence to move.
  • Combined cognitive & physical exercises:
    we often trip when we are distracted or multi-tasking. Research suggests exercises that challenge balance whilst you focus attention on other tasks are best for preventing falls.
  • Stretching: Move freely to stay strong.
  • Education on falls prevention tips for the home.

What’s next?

If one or more of the above factors resonate with you, or a family member, we encourage you to book in for a SLIP SAVER Risk Assessment. Once you have attended an assessment you will have a clear picture of your risk factors. Some factors can be addressed with exercise, some in other ways.

If you are an existing Physiocise client, this one assessment appointment may be enough to get you started in our SLIP SAVER classes. Pick up a brochure from either of our studios.

Senior woman stretching 
Existing Clients - Book A Class

New clients might need a few more individual appointments to support you to do classes safely and receive the most benefit. Your assessing physio will discuss the best Falls Prevention options for you at your initial assessment. Book an assessment online or call our office and make an appointment to see one of our Physiocise SLIP SAVER specialist physios.

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