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Mum's Burn in action

Everyone needs a core! However, postpartum you need it more than ever. We know from research - the stronger your legs and arms, the happier your body will be. But if your pelvic floor (or other core muscles) aren’t well connected first, strengthening can lead to injury.

We know women worry about how their body will cope with pregnancy, but for many, it’s the years after having a baby that is harder. And for some, it's not until their kids are at school, or years later, that they have the time to exercise. All women who have given birth are considered post-partum now matter how many years later.

To help you supercharge your core try our MUM’s BURN classes; a fun, supervised and safe class environment. We have combined our expert skills in everyday habits and our women’s health practitioners to bring you a safe post-partum whole body workout.

A focused strengthening program to improve your pelvic floor, muscle mass, aerobic fitness and enhanced mental health. A recent study shows that 60min of exercise per week decreases postnatal depression by 50% (Norman et al, 2010).

We are passionate about helping women. These classes will give you powerful knowledge and the ability to minimise injury for daily life and in boot camp, the gym or other training.

How do I book?

We do a screening 1-hour initial assessment to make sure we know your body. Then book in for classes.

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