Core Burn in action

Everyone needs a CORE. A class for women of ALL ages! Do you want to get strong, but also need help to understand all the ‘secret women’s business’ of your pelvic floor?

Post-partum, menopause and later in life are all times we need extra help with our pelvic floor. These life phases are also easier if we are strong. For many, its not until kids are at school, or until our retirement years we have the time to exercise ourselves.

We know from research - the stronger your legs and arms, the happier your body will be. But if your pelvic floor (or other core muscles) aren’t well connected first, strength workouts can be less effective or lead to injury.

How is it different to other classes?

Our FLOPPY/FLIPPY classes ensure your inner core works well when you bend, walk, sit, stand or even lie.

CORE BURN classes focus on strengthening the pelvic floor and outer core abdominals. There is a high component on pelvic floor anatomy, abdominal education to help rectus diastasis (separation of the abdominals) and specific cues for best activation of all your core muscles. All this whilst achieving a whole body workout, aerobic fitness and enhanced mental health.

We are passionate about helping women, so we have combined our expert skills in everyday habits with our women’s health practitioners - to bring you a safe, yet satisfying whole body workout!

How to book?

To make sure we know your body, we do a thorough screening in our 1hour initial assessment before you start classes. Then you are on the way to burning your CORE in all the right places!

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