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I N V E S T in B O N E S

Thursday, June 21, 2018 Susie Powell
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I N V E S T in B O N E S


Bones cost a lot. Especially broken ones. In 2017 Osteoporosis and osteopenia affected over 4.74 million Australians. The total cost of fractures was $1.1billion last year in NSW alone. With the ageing population on the rise, costs will continue to increase (Sanders et al 2017).

Osteoporosis is more common in women partly because of the rapid decline in oestrogen during menopause. Without oestrogen, bones lose calcium at a much faster rate. Some research shows a 2% decline in bone density per year after menopause is considered 'normal' (Osteoporosis Australia).

Interestingly enough, until recently Osteoporosis Australia were unable to recommend exercise based therapy as standard practice for Osteoporosis management. In light of recent human and animal research trials, they are now encouraging specific exercise to be part of this management. 

Recent media headlines describe the benefits of strength training and impact exercise. The LIFTMOR Randomised Controlled Trail (2018) showed High-Intensity Resistance and Impact Training (HIRIT) is both safe and effective in improving bone mineral density and physical function in post-menopausal women with low bone density.

Osteoporosis is commonly known as the silent killer - people often don’t know they have it until they fall and break something. Can exercise prevent a person with weak bones falling?

42% of falls can be prevented by a well-designed exercise program Sherrington et al (2008). The exercises that have the biggest effect on fall rates involve a challenge to balance and were undertaken frequently (ie. more than 2hours a week over a 6months period).

So the question is…. If specific targeted exercise not only stops the decline of bone, but can actually improve bone density and help to stop you falling - what have you got to lose? Invest in your bones today.

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