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B A B Y induced B A C K P A I N

Thursday, February 01, 2018 Susie Powell
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B A B Y induced B A C K P A I N


How much time do you spend rubbing a child’s back over a cot? Does a bad back affect your ability to parent?

Daily life can take its toll on your back – sitting too much, moving badly or waking up stiff. However, after you’ve had a baby, it adds even more load. Just ask any parent or grandparent who sat up rubbing a child’s back over the cot for an hour or two last night!

Accessories for kids – cots, prams, high chairs, car seats – all are designed for the safely of the child, not for the parents backs. All that extra bending, carrying and lifting adds even more load to any existing niggles or pains. Plus it’s at a time for mother’s when their core muscles are at their weakest. Or for grandparents when they are getting more niggles and aches.

How we sit, bend and lift during the day can either be a time to hurt or heal your back. As experts in mind and body re-training – Physiocise clients learn first hand how to change these daily habits. And as we all know – habits are hard to break!

“It all makes perfect sense. I can bend, kneel, lift and walk in ways that do not cause me pain. A dream come true. My goals seemed out of reach only a short time ago. To lift my grandchildren with ease, walk for an hour, and delay or avoid a double hip replacement. All achieved in less than 6 months. I love everything about Physiocise.” Sharon, client in advanced floppy class.

Many of our clients have tried multiple treatments before they find us. Some treatments have helped, but not long term, and they are still limited in daily posture, movements or exercise. We are passionate about helping clients to get more than a band aide solution. 

We know from research – everyone needs a core. But if your core muscles aren’t well connected first, strengthening can lead to injury.

So before you next go to lift your toddler from the bath, or go to the gym to get stronger – first of all think about how you’re doing it.

Are your daily postures or bad movements at home undoing all your good work at yoga/pilates/gym?

We spend much more time doing ‘normal life’ than we do exercising. So fix daily life habits first, and then you can work out or play with the kids with a much happier body!

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