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Susie Powell

Susie is highly qualified with degrees in both Exercise Sports Science and Physiotherapy from the University of Sydney. As a result she is ideally placed to be at the forefront of our Athletes program. Her background skills in exercise therapy and physiotherapy help her analyse weakest links in movement patterns especially in patients who are persistently breaking down when participating in their chosen sports.

During university she worked as part of the medical team for Sydney University Rugby team with taping and injury management. Here she gained valuable experience working with a multi-disciplinary team. Since graduating Susie has worked in the public hospitals setting, then continued to sports private practices and worked along side other rugby teams in Sydney. She has also worked in London private practices gaining up to date continuing education, studying acupuncture and specialising in rehabilitation for low back pain. 

Since becoming an integral member of the Physiocise team she has fulfilled her dream to work with both education and exercise, as she sees these as the tools which truly empower people to stop the cycle of recurrent injury. 

Her work is not limited to Athletes, as her empathetic and caring nature make her ideally placed to work with people of all ages. As a self confessed "floppy", she is very interested in working with people with similar issues and loves helping them find the motivation and knowledge to develop the strength and stability to fix themselves. 

Susie Powell

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