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Sarah Kelliher

Sarah graduated from the University of Sydney in 2001.

Her focus since then has always been on exercise and rehabilitation, working in the UK for 2 years and then at The Mater in Sydney and at The Prince of Wales. She has extensive experience teaching classes. Initially she taught Pilates Classes (including classes in a program called Fighting Fit for Cancer). She then moved into the back pain world, working for 7 years with internationally renowned physiotherapist Sarah Key. Her level of skill was such that she organised and ran the Masterclass training courses for physiotherapists ( 3-4 per year) as well as the Intensive Spinal Therapy 'Back-in-a-Week' programs mainly for patients with chronic lower back pain (usually about 4-5 per year).

Since joining Physiocise, Sarah creates a wave of calm and smiles wherever she goes. Our clients love her, our physios love her and she is the absolute favourite of our admin staff! Her great bank of knowledge has been put to great use as she develops faultless class plans to challenge every single "bit" that her clients need. She has taken up the next challenge in helping the develop the Mum's Burn program teaching us how to test ourselves in stronger exercises while keeping pelvic floors safe and happy! 

Her recent achievements include her children William, Sam and Eliza!

Sarah Kelliher

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