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Sally Nield

Sally Nield graduated from the University of Sydney in 1985 and in 1991 completed the prestigious Post Graduate Diploma of Manipulative Therapy also at Sydney University. In the interim she worked in London and Europe gaining vast experience in private practices and hospitals especially in the area of orthopaedics.

She is extraordinarily experienced in both acute and chronic management of injuries having worked as an integral leader of Cammeray Physiotherapy for 25 years. She left there a few years ago to concentrate on Physiocise where she has been working for many years.

Sally has a gift for treating people with chronic lower limb issues especially people with high levels of pathology in their hips, knees and ankles. She is adept at developing strategies to allow them  to remain active, whether it is with taping, bracing, specific exercises or just practical advice.

Sally also developed the Dodgy Knee program which has grown and grown and her advanced dodgy knee class are now doing things they didn't dream their knees could take them to!

2017 saw Sally joining Kay, Maria and Carolyn in developing the Strong Bones program. She has loved the challenge of learning more in depth knowledge about bone strength. It is with enormous satisfaction that she watches clients in the classes enjoy there newly found muscle strength, balance and impact exercises. Her creativity is endless in the search for inventive ways to challenge balance and agility and give her clients confidence to lift!

She is an enthusiastic and engaging teacher and her classes are filled with cutting edge information combined with much laughter - a great addition to the suite of therapies available at Physiocise!

Sally Nield

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