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Natalie Kaebisch

Natalie graduated with distinction from the University of Sydney in 2002 and has completed her Masters of Sports Physiotherapy through La Trobe University.

She has been a competitive cyclist since a young age, was a member of the New South Wales Institute of Sport and Australian Institute of Sport and spent six years in Europe competing as a professional cyclist on the international cycling circuit.

She represented Australia at the 2006 Commonwealth Games and was a Gold medallist in the Women's Road Race.

Natalie has a particular interest in sporting and recurrent injuries associated with cycling and the assessment of bike-set up. She also loves treating feet and ankles, and has created the incredibly popular "Foot Fit" workshops that have seen a whole raft of our population get more in touch with their toes and unleash the potential of a well functioning foot. Her Athlete Burn class are now the foot poster models of the practice!

Natalie is the proud Mum of Emilia and Annabelle, and travels back to Europe with husband Gunnar when she can to see the girls' German grandparents.


Natalie Kaebisch

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