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Our owner and ceo

Melissa Partington

Melissa graduated from the University of Sydney in 1990 and soon after travelled to the UK and Europe working with leading chronic pain practitioners in the area of neck and back pain. This fostered her passion for working with this challenging group of clients.

On returning to Sydney, Melissa worked in a number of private practices whose clientele included the Manly Sea Eagles and various Rugby Union teams. It was working with this combination of sporting and back pain clients along with pelvic floor and breathing dysfunctions that started her holistic approach to patient management.

Melissa started working with Physiocise from its inception in 1995, helping develop the programme from it's one-class–for-all beginnings to the highly specialised and structured programme that exists today. She and Anna-Louise have always had the closest of professional relationships, sharing the same vision of excellence for the practice. As a result she was the logical successor to take over the practice and lead it into the new decade when in 2010 Anna-Louise decided to step back from the day to day of the practices and focus on development, education and media.

As CEO of Physiocise Sydney she lives and breathes for the quality of the unique professional caring product that is Physiocise,  and the operational systems that keep the practice running so seamlessly.

She has gathered a group of industry experts who integrate latest brain/body research into holistic, practical programs for chronic and recurrent pain, women’s health, and those who are at risk of falls and osteoporosis.

Her passion is training and developing her talented and dedicated staff to help them deliver an unparalleled product to our clients. She has also been responsible for constantly developing the IT infra structure which has added an incredible dimension to the support side of the practice. 

She is also a busy mother of three beautiful almost grown-up children and as such is strongly committed to helping all our staff balance their personal and professional commitments.

Melissa Partington

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