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Melinda Luck

Graduating with distinction in 1996 from the University of Sydney, Melinda has always been passionate about exercise and education. As one of the longest standing physiotherapists at Physiocise she prides herself on helping clients to find their long term fix to often persistent chronic problems.

She has worked along side Anna-Louise in their 12 year injury prevention focus with the NSW Waratahs Rugby Union and was instrumental in the development of the popular Physiocise for Athletes Program. She has consulted to elite athletes from many different sports and disciplines. Committed to regular exercise herself, she has a keen insight into the injury issues many athletes face. Her commitment to prevention has also seen her developing programs for the Australian Rugby Sevens and is currently involved with both the women’s and men’s teams in their lead up to the 2016 Rio Olympics.

As well as athletes Melinda has always had a keen interest in wellbeing and prevention in the corporate environment. 

Previously she developed the highly successful Physiocise for the Office program presenting seminars and short courses to many organisations large and small including a 6 year association with the ATO and a three year extensive “in-house” wellbeing program with SBS.

She now works along side Anna-Louise in her corporate program Happy Body At Work, which is a joint venture with ABC Commercial. The program customises messages according to the needs of individual organisations through keynotes, seminars, and workshops and focuses on promoting health enhancing habits and teaching good exercise in the workplace.

You can follow all the latest on workplace health via Melinda's Blog.

Melinda Luck

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