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Kate Roberts


Kate graduated from University of Sydney, later completing her Masters in Sports Physio, and then being awarded the prestigious Australian Physio Therapy Association (APA) Sports Title Holder following an arduous assessment process.

Kate has taken the leap and has commenced the long but exciting process of a Masters of Research and a PhD with Macquarie University. This is something she has always wanted to do and she is thrilled to be studying again. She is starting her research here at Physiocise and is delving into the success behind our Foundations program.

Kate has worked with Physiocise since 2002 but has also been the Team Physiotherapist for the NSW Rhythmic Gymnastics and has written and lectured extensively in this area for the APA. As a long term classical dancer herself, she had great insight and interest in dance injuries. As well as working with the Australian Ballet she was instrumental in founding the Dance Network of Sports Physiotherapy Australia.

She is brilliant with lumbopelvic pain and has a keen interest in thoracic and neck problems and has completed a year long post graduate course with renowned Canadian Therapist Dr Linda Joy Lee. She is also passionate about exploring the role the brain takes in changing pain. Her skill is walking in the shoes of her patients and guiding them along the path to wellness.

Kate is the research co-ordinator for the Physiocise team, keeping the team up to date with the very latest in relevant new papers related to our work. She loves digging into research to answer difficult questions or support the fabulous things that we do at Physiocise.

She has three children Mia, and Angus  and Isla.


Kate Roberts

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