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Dimity Thomson

Dimity Thompson graduated from the University of Sydney in 2000. With a keen interest in physical fitness, her passion was always injury prevention and rehabilitation. Her initial work was in the public hospital system working with both adults and children. From there she went to work in a prestigious city private practice, dealing at close hand with the effects of high stress jobs combined with sedentary work environments.

Over the next 5 years she developed extensive manual therapy skills specialising in the management of spinal disorders. She was also involved in conducting back care programs for office workers and establishing yoga programs in the workplace.  

She became increasingly focused on facilitating her clients abilities to make changes in their long term habits, through education and movement retraining. Her search to expand her already excellent skill set has led Dimity to become an integral part of the Physiocise team for over 10 years.

Having 3 children has given Dim a healthy respect for the female body and has driven her desire to help establish the Women's Health team at Physiocise, giving people hope to achieve good pelvic floor function in the context of their whole Physiocise self. She and Jemma have created the incredibly popular "Mum's Burn" classes for those who want to get back in to more intensive exercise while looking after the safety of their pelvic floor.

She has three girls Isabel ,Sophie, Lily and her first-born.....Squirt the dog .

Dimity Thomson

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