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Our Administration Team

Sonia Bolton

Our Practice Manager Sonia has come from years of running her own business, having run a successful hairdressing business for over 20 years, as well as managing her husband's IT business. 

She is now in charge of the Physiocise admin team, keeping the many moving parts of the practice running from term to term and year to year. Sonia is the complete package - organised, a huge memory for all our "stuff" as well as for each and every patient, a great planner for managing the days (and sometimes the lives!) of our physios so that they can concentrate on doing what they do best.

We would be lost without her!

Anne Keneally







Jane Hobson

Jane Hobson is a registered nurse who started working with Anna-Louise as an administrative assistant in 1996. She was absolutely integral to the development of the practice during those years, as it went from the Golf Club, to a Hall at the local Church to the Willoughby rooms.

After a brief hiatus when she had her children Bryony 17, and Lucy 11, she returned to Physiocise as an indispensable part of the admin team.

She has a wonderful memory for people and faces and is extremely empathetic and caring. She is not only superb at helping the organisational side of the practice but plays a huge role in the “pastoral care” of our team and our "corporate memory" making sure our professional staff are completely supported.

Joane Hobson

Caroline Anstee



Margie Davies


Sarah Antico

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