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Physiocise helps you develop the mental and physical building blocks for a long-term fix. Our Foundations program is vital for building the base for a long-term solution. Then we customise your program according to your body type in the Floppy and Flippy levels. If exercise hasn't worked for you in the past, it could be that this was the missing link. Too much or too little stretching, or too much or too little stability. Our program allows us to target your ideal needs.

Program Levels

Backs & Bodies
Floppy Strength, core and posture
Flippy Flexibility, core and strength
Advanced Dynamic body strength and endurance
Athlete Burn Sport and fitness
Core Burn Pelvic floor and abdominal strength
Strong Women Resistance training with pelvic floor safe exercises
Strong Bones Resistance training, balance and impact exercise for osteoporosis and osteopaenia
Balance & Falls Building confidence, balance and agility
Dodgy Knees Specific strengthening class especially good for arthritic knees
Osteoarthritis Education and graduated resistance training for happier joints

Fabulous video resources included in your program

Physiocise has invested in producing the highest broadcast quality video resources of stretches, exercises and posture habits, for your to refer to to help you in your journey. We send you FREE weekly links to those resources when you start your FOUNDATIONS program to remind you what you learnt

Click links below to see Physiocise Founder Anna-Louise Bouvier explaining the core and how to reboot it, and to see our favourite relieving stretch of all time...Table Stretch!

Rebooting the Core

Table Stretch

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